Joseph Losi, MA-LMFT

Co-founder of PHNW, Co-founder of Hold Me Tight Seattle, Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist

Services Offered

  • Certified Individual, Couple & Family Therapist
  • Psychedelic Integrationist
  • Somatic Psychodrama
  • Men’s Emotional Awareness Work
  • Couples Relationship Revival

After 12 years of private practice as an Emotionally Focused Couples, Individual, and Family therapist, which includes several hundreds of hours of training in EFT I was ready to go into semi-retirement. Then something profound happened for me.  That profound event was not the reading of Michael Pollons’ book, “How to Change Your Mind. The profound event was the watching of “Trips of Compassion.“ I was thunderstruck.  

“Trips of Compassion” a true story of how three individuals held in the grip of PTSD, for many years, decades for one, were guided back to health by two master MAPS trained pscydelic aided therapists,  Ido Siemens and his wife Keren Tszof, who are master Hokomi therapists. Over 90 minutes my plan for the next 20 years was dramatically altered. 

Growing up as the 5th child of 6 in an emotionally expressive and at times explosive Sicilian family put me on the path of the archetypal wounded healer. The chronic trauma of this loving but unpredictably combative family truly shaped me into a person that always prefers to go toward hurt as a powerful attempt to prove myself worthy and thus loved. Over my entire life, I was among the first to raise my hand in situations that called for a volunteer. Over my entire life, I was shaped into running into the roar, vs running away. I have been often the dreamer who impetuously dreams up great ideas that can fall short when detailed follow-up is required. What my therapeutic training has trained me to do as progressively drawn out in me is an ability to sit back when my familial train shaped be into a man who is in the first wave to hit the beach.

At one point in the hundreds of hours of EFT training I have gladly experienced, Sue Johnson, Ph.D., the primary author of EFT couples therapy said something so elegant and so powerful that I will never forget it. “I like to keep things simple!” As the impact of “Trips of Compassion,” I was thunderstruck. 

Sue, as she likes to be referred to, along with Ido and Keren, use a simple approach that evades a large percentage of all peoples, not just therapists…keep it simple and stay out of the way of the “inner healing intelligence” of the wounded people who come to us for relief. 

It is my vision and now the collective vision of a small group of talented healers, all trained in somatic body-centered therapies to heal trauma. We are motivated to not talk you into a way to heal, but to “be with you” as you guide us on the path of your own healing. We will walk with you, using drug and non-drug therapies to effect good healing that is enduring. 

The coming together of a collective of spirited clinicians who help our participants guide them toward a healthier happier life filled with supportive individuals is the vision that told me, Joseph, it is not time to retire. It is time to bring together healers from different traditions in a community committed to creating a healing container that holds the potential of our participants to take themselves on a journey of healing. That vision and mission birthed Psychedelic Health Northwest. Thank you for considering walking with us.

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