Psychedelic Integration: What is it?

Psychedelic medicine and the healing process

The use of psychedelic medicine is now well documented to aid in the healing of a host of mental health challenges for some people. It can open new pathways of experiencing and recovering from past depression, anxiety and some addiction rooted in chronic or acute trauma.

The ability to prescribe psychedelic medicine and to sit with a client during their journey is not yet a reality in most of the country, save for the pioneering states of Oregon and Colorado. I can not at this time, legally condone the use of any psychedelic substances in the therapeutic process. 

Psychedelic integration is the key

It is not psychedelic medicine alone that facilitates healing, but guided, intentional preparation and the processing and integration of one’s journey. 

  • Clinical psychologist Dr. Rosalind Watts and Clinical Lead for Imperial College London’s psilocybin trial emphasizes in this Medium piece the role and necessity of the therapeutic experience to facilitate healing

Psychedelic integration, done in a safe setting, with one or two trained therapists can help:

  • Concretize insights or new perspectives
  • Thoughtfully make changes based on new insights
  • Make meaning and generate useful internal narratives 
  • Make sense of confusing journey experiences
  • Resolve conflict between psychedelic experience and one’s prior belief systems
  • Address lingering distress

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Psychedelic Integration

Providing pre-journey therapeutic support and post-journey integration. 

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